What does it Mean to be Intentional? 25 Signs you are Living an Intentional Life

May 26, 2021

Being intentional means doing things ON PURPOSE & WITH PURPOSE.  I love that explanation so much! Moving through life with purpose-driven thoughts changes everything; you choose to think about things that support your values and your vision. You understand that your thoughts create feelings, your feelings lead to actions, and it’s those actions that lead to your results.

When you are intentional, you are in the driver’s seat and not moving through life on autopilot. You do not leave your life to chance and allow your days to go as they go. You steer your course and make life happen for yourself. There is purpose in what you think and do.

25 Signs you are Living an Intentional Life

  1. You know what is important to you (your values)
  2. You have a vision for your life & know WHY you want your vision to come true.
  3. You get up excited and have a plan for your day.
  4. You have a list of daily action steps and you DO FOLLOW-THROUGH on them.
  5. You catch your own negative self-talk and reframe it to support your values and vision
  6. You accept that fear is part of the deal, and you choose to move through it.
  7. You do the things you don’t feel like doing because you know they are necessary steps to achieving your desired outcome.
  8. When challenges arise, you figure out how to pivot and shift to adjust your plan and get back on track.
  9. You acknowledge your little wins along the way and recognize what you are doing right each day.
  10. You are present and mindful throughout your day.
  11. You are so focused on what you are doing that you do not have time for negativity, drama, or gossip.
  12. You read or visualize your vision/dream daily.
  13. You believe your vision will happen.
  14. You understand the importance of planting good seeds out in the world.
  15. You are in control of whatever you can control in your day and accept the things that come that are out of your control.
  16. You do not seek external validation for your vision. You know what you want to achieve and why.
  17. You are open to signs and opportunities that support your values and your vision.
  18. You are determined and focused.
  19. You are energized by your vision.
  20. You are not easily distracted.
  21. You make a plan and work your plan.
  22. You have a positive outlook.
  23. You get things done.
  24. You carve out time to be still, listen, and reflect.
  25. You give thanks regularly.

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